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Friday, 15 December 2006

Mental alchemy

Mental alchemy. This is a flow from a post from my technical blog : Mental alchemy.

With the pseudo-complete re-production of empiric reality into the virtual existence of
the mind, sensorial and perceptual alchemy is possible.

short definitions of stuff used:
1. objects are actions. everything is action.
2. parenthesis are usually used to group things, as in mathematics.

noumen.metaphysic.empiric OBJECTS noumen.metaphysic.phenomen.metaphysic.REPRODUCTION
into the human mind is used to be reverberated into the perceptive and sensorial tables.

Examples: I eat sausages and I project into the sensorial paths containing the sausage
taste the sensorial reproduction of caviar taste.

I don't think I ate caviar, as I remember, but I can make:
I.--> a chemical analysis of it's contents;
II.-> a complete biological analysis of the tongue;
II.1. a metaphysical map of the tastes got from the tongue: by LINKING the calculated
absolute noumenal identity of the tongue processes WITH the calculated absolute noumenal
identity of foods while chemically being decomposed by the mouth;
III.->then build sensations on the basis of 1. a [both (calculated and known)] food
taste, that is used to link calculated noumenal identity to it's carnal personal presence,
2. the noumenal modulation corresponding to the tongue biological processes,
3. the food modulating the tongue's biological processes.

So, by noumenally calculating tongue, caviar, and by calibrating with the a
posteriori known taste of sausages we achieve the 1_2_(identity of caviar), that we send
to the sensorial tables and, voila`, we have just achieved the alchemy of sausages into

=GOHERE: General - THE TOP or END of ROW.=====
=------> Particular - THE WORDS.=============
I myself have never put this piece here. I'm keeping this wrapped up here, like the organism surrounds foreign objects with tissue. Let's see how many will appear. Twisting words post. The firewall posts.

It works! And it's available at the late Level 5 of evolution.

I have perceptual alchemy available. This means I can see an infinite field of WHITE
and and infinite field of BLACK in the same place and at the same time. I can do whatever
what and think I'm doing whatever else I want. I can think the non-thinkable.

I don't have sensorial alchemy, even if I could develop it rather easily, because I'm soo
alone here all by myself in my all-gold mountain peak, and soo bored of everything.

I need a reason to live. I can't live just because I can, I also need a reason. I'm all out
of reasons. The man NEEDS to believe in GOD. I don't have any other gods than NOUMENAL
METAPHYSIC NECESSITY. Is there anybody out there being able to freely modulate noumenal
metaphysic necessity ? Is there anybody out there really ALIVE ?

In 10-15 years I will reach Level 6. I'll spend long boring intercontinental flights
in delicious, clean, discrete sensorial orgasms, produced by energetic vectorial neural

But life gives me nothing at this time. Is there anybody out there ?

Is there anybody wanting more than just being content with their accomplishments ? Is
anybody out there willing to LIVE ? ... desiring something else than being free to do
nothing and entertain and divert themselves ? ... else than being all high and mighty ?
... else than go on with their balanced and sufficiently rewarding daily life ?

What about movies and music and theater and poetry and painting and building and sports
and travels and distant culture and the myriad of prints, marks, tastes, sensations of
all kind that the world has to offer ?

Isn't the vast experience of everything just the purpose of our lives ?

Isn't the possibility of SENSING just the essence of our lives ?

Isn't the whirlpool of neural possibility the ID of our lives ?

Is there ANYBODY out there WANTING IT ALL ?


I want it ALL ! And I want it NOW !

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